We are a team of structural engineers that specializes in


There are five ways how Efficient Engineering can help architects, investors, manufacturers, contractors and end-users.



Truer to Design

Efficient Engineering helps architects by making sure that the end result looks and feels as close to what architects had in mind as possible.



More Cost-Efficient

Engineering is about finding the perfect combination of materials and details to guarantee cost-effective production and development.



The Right Elements

Efficient Engineering works closely with manufacturers to use only the latest and greatest technical elements manufacturers can offer.



Faster & Easier to Build

Efficient Engineering helps contractors by making sure that any project is engineered with them in mind. Projects are faster and easier to build, and everything is well thought-through.



Safe to Live in

Ultimately, people that live and work in efficiently engineered buildings feel safe and relaxed, as our engineers’ oath means that every aspect is taken into account.

We’ve been doing Efficient Engineering for a while now.

Large Variety of Projects

DWG's work in structural engineering spans a large variety of projects, including:

  • Public
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industrial

International Experience

Over the years, DWG has had the opportunity to work in various countries and regions, including:

  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Russia
  • Baltic States
  • Belarus
  • Austria
  • Denmark

A Great Track Record

DWG is proud to be home to an experienced and thriving team of highly experienced engineers:

  • A team of 30+ engineers
  • 350+ projects, 150k+ elements
  • Tekla, Impact, AutoCAD, Revit, FEM-Design, PRE-Stress

DWG is open for commissions in
Northern Europe and beyond.

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